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In Memoriam

We remember these classmates and teachers who have passed away (click on highlighted links to see additional information):


  • Ron Bagby (2011)
  • Susan Marie Barrett
  • Ronald Albert Basso (1982)
  • Chester “Chet” Beers (1987) – Chet is one of two classmates who died as a result of the Vietnam War.  Chet suffered and died from the effects of Agent Orange.  His name is memorialized on a monument near the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.  Chet wrote several poems about his suffering, seen in the following link. Poetry from a Disabled American Patriot
  • Donald Burkhead (2002)
  • Shirley (Carpoff) Verenade (2009)
  • Burl Cohen (2017)
  • John Curtis
  • Alan Davidson, Ph.D. (2011)
  • Thomas Laurin Dillon (1988)
  • Warren “Mark” Doswell (1994)
  • Jim Duguid (2010)
  • Judy Ann Dulfer Young (1997)
  • Richard Edwin Farrell, Jr. (2003)
  • Michael Wade Fisher (2014)
  • James Craig Gilliam (2001)
  • Kathy (Haff) Ruckteschler (2014) San Ramon Express
  • Diane Hathaway (1967)
  • Timothy Michael Heagarty
  • Christine Hightower
  • Donna Louise (Hoppas) Nichols (1979)
  • John Ernest Huff
  • Carolyn (Hull) Richardson (2006)
  • Pamela Jones
  • Don Lembi (married to Terry Haff – 2009)
  • Walton “Wink” Lawrence (2011)
  • Walter Lebedeff (2013)
  • Donald Vance Leland (2021)
  • William F. “Bill” Luce
  • Elizabeth (McCarley) Devisser
  • John McCulloch (2020)
  • Elizabeth (Michaels) Hearne
  • Robert Lightcap, Geography, Varsity Football Coach (1995)
  • Thomas “Tom” Neese (1996)
  • Gordon Olson (2004)
  • David Ragsdale (2016)
  • Greg Redburn (1977)
  • John Runge (1991)
  • Linda (Schroeder) Bunnell (1997)
  • Suzan Elaine Scott
  • Ross Edward Shannon
  • William “Bill” Strauss (2007) – Capitol StepsWashington Post- ObituaryWashington Post – EditorialNew York TimesSan Francisco ChronicleCNN.comRagged Thots (blog)History Unfolding (blog), David KaiserOpen Left (blog), Justin Krebs
  • John Sutherland (2017)
  • Julia Elaine (Tarter) Prager (1998)
  • Cindie Jane (Willey) Wirgler (2011)
  • Karen Lee (Wirkkala) Karst (2009)
  • Robert “Bob” Dean Workman (1981)
  • Thomas “Tom” Henry Yarbrough
  • Frank Michael Zustiak (1970) – Frank is the second of two classmates to have died because of the Vietnam War.  Frank was paralyzed while in combat, receiving the Purple Heart for his grave injuries.  However, following his return home, Frank ended his life.  His sacrifice is not memorialized in Washington, D.C., an omission which classmates have not forgotten.  Efforts are ongoing to get his sacrifice recognized upon the same monument where Chet Beers is memorialized.  Classmates are encouraged to write to Congresswoman Jackie Speier, urging her office to continue their efforts to get Frank Zustiak included on this memorial.  As one classmate wrote to the congresswoman, “The only reason he died was because of the paralyzing injury he suffered while under arms for our country.  He was not killed immediately on the battlefield.  It took 2.5 years for the bullet that paralyzed him to kill him.”


Should you know of any classmates or teachers who have passed away and are not memorialized here, please email details to the webmaster.