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Memorial Fund


With the loss of classmate Bill Strauss in December, 2007, the Class of 1965 established a memorial fund where donations to educational and student programs at Burlingame High School may be sent.  All donations are tax-deductible and following receipt of check, the school district office will send donors a letter certifying the donation’s tax deductibility.

Donations may be made to the memory of any fallen classmate or to support educational and/or student programs at Burlingame High School. 

Donations must be submitted by check or money order and made out to "Burlingame High School".  Additionally, "Class of ’65 Memorial Fund" must be written on the check’s memo line, followed by the name of the person in whose memory the donation is made, such as: "Class of ’65 Memorial Fund – In Memory of Bill Strass" or "Class of ’65 Memorial Fund – General Contribution".

Please send checks to:
    Burlingame High School
    1 Mangini Way
    Burlingame, CA 94010

Individual memorial funds will be listed here by fallen classmate, with a description of what programs the donations will benefit.  Annual reports of giving are provided by BHS to the Donations Committee of the Class of ’65.  If you would like to serve on this committee, please email the webmaster.


Bill Strauss (to benefit)

    Service Learning Program
    School to Career
    Theater Arts
    Political Science


In support of general educational and student programs


Commencing in 2009, annual reports of where donations were given will be posted here.